Join our CSA!

We are so excited to offer subscriptions to our CSA box program this growing season (Dec 15 – June 15). Even though deliveries will start in December, sign-ups are happening now.

Once you’re ready to make a commitment, email me. We can hold your spot with a deposit, but we will need full payment by October. Earlier is better to help us with start-up costs!

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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for community-supported agriculture. Customers pay for their produce at the start of the growing season and receive a share of the harvest every week.

The CSA model is one of the best ways for small family farms to provide delicious safe food while making a living.

Members get a variety of fresh local produce, learn to love new vegetables and recipes, and form a deeper bond with their food cycle!

What to expect as a member

You will receive a box of vegetables every week with a variety of seasonal produce. Gardening is inherently unpredictable, and as a member you will share in the risks and the rewards of farming. Some weeks you will receive more produce than others, and you will always only receive what is in season. One box might contain lettuce, peas, arugula, basil, and cherry tomatoes. Another might be green beans, watermelon, papaya, mint, sweet peppers, summer squash, and sweet potatoes. All told, you can expect to see 35 different vegetables and about 64 different varieties throughout the growing season!!

We will be working hard to fill your box with a variety of delicious veggies and sometimes fruits all season! You’ll receive lots of your favorites, and probably a few that you don’t usually buy or even see at the market. We will have recipes and storage tips each week as well, to help you make the most of your box!

The details

We are offering full-shares and half-shares. We also offer part time for those of you who aren’t here for the full six month season.

24 weeks–December 15 – June 15
$250 pesos/week or $130 pesos/week paid in advance comes to:

$6000 pesos for a full-season share (typically 2-4 people. If you don’t eat a lot of veggies, think about splitting with a friend!)
$3150 pesos for a 1/2 box, full-season share (1-2 people). You can also choose to receive a full box every other week.

10% discount on extra products we offer (chicken, goat, eggs, raw milk, and cheese when available)

What if I’m only here for part of the season?

Think about sharing the cost and bounty with a friend who is here full-time, or let me know when you’ll be here and we will only charge you for those weeks.

We are so excited to offer this special service to the community and build relationships with our customers!!

Contact me with questions! If you plan on being a member, let me know what your favorite veggies are! 612 139 4017

And please please help us get this off the ground by telling your friends, putting up flyers, sharing produce with a friend, or even subsidizing a share for a family in need.


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