Who are we?

Our little farm is located in the neighborhood of Las Tunas. You might know the street as Calle Aiki, or you can look for our signs. After Mercado Sol 2, continue straight. Take a left after going up two hills! You can buy produce from our house, second from the corner, or continue straight to see our farm on the left.

We raise goats, chickens, and hens, and we have one milking cow and her calf.


We grow organic lettuce and lots of other veggies. We are starting a CSA December 2013. Get your membership now!

We like to include the children because they are cute, and really, what else would we do with them? Here’s Leon “helping” Carlos to broadcast lettuce seed that’s been mixed with compost.

When Leon was just a baby, three months old, we found out we were pregnant again. Quite the shock. When he was six months old, we found out it was twins! We were blown away. When the ultrasound technician told me, I couldn’t stop laughing (I laugh to mask other feelings, like horror and fear). He was like, no really, stop laughing, your belly is shaking and I can’t get a reading.

So now there’s five of us. Two of us work really hard to grow lettuce and vegetables and raise goats and chickens for meat and eggs. One of us runs around like a crazy person emptying baskets, putting useful items in the trash, and generally creating havoc. And the smallest two pretty much just nurse and fill diapers, although they are starting to giggle and want to chat these days!



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