Finally, cow cheese

5 Aug

We have made cheese, but we always used our goat’s milk. Since we only have three milking goats, we had to save up a couple of days worth of milk to be able to get 2 gallons.

Now that we are milking our cow, it’s even easier. We’ve been selling the milk (a steal at $25/liter) and we still have extra, so we made cheese.


We haven’t used rennet yet, but I can’t wait to try that. I think we will get a thicker coagulation. As it is, we use the berries of the trompillo plant, and it comes out really creamy and smooth.


Someday, when we really get things going, we will be able to make a cheese-making room. But for now, we just take over the kitchen. I’d also like to try making aged soft cheeses, like Brie and Camembert. We’ve always got about a million things we want to do, and we are trying to do as much as we can “right now” instead of “someday when we have ….”, because we all know someday never comes.


Mentally, we are taking a break from the garden this week. The animals of course need us daily. But we are talking about all the plans/dreams we have for next season, and still working on this season, and it’s good to just take a vacation once a year. So we won’t be harvesting lettuce this week, and we will try to restrain ourselves from planting anything. Just one week!


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