This just in: green beans!

9 Apr


I love it: watching the beans get taller and taller underneath their white grow cloth, peeking, seeing white blossoms, anticipation mounting–soon, soon–watching, waiting, forgetting, until one day I’m busy in the kitchen, and in walks Carlos with a bucket of French green beans (and purple ones too!)

Ah, the wait is over; they have finally arrived. And now the work begins: every other day, for the next three weeks, we have to stoop under the bean plants, digging through their broad, dark-green leaves, plucking.

Their arrival got me thinking that it’s time we had an open-house. I’ve been wanting to invite people to our place for years, but I just never felt that the farm was perfect enough. I guess I finally learned that perfect ain’t coming, so I may as well get on with what I want to do!

So, this Saturday everyone is cordially invited to our farm! 8 am to 12, be there!

We’ll have green beans, cherry tomatoes, and lettuce all ready to be picked by you. You can also expect to pet baby goats, smell our big old billy, and cut alfalfa to hand-feed the goats! We’ll have chickens and our fine lady hens for viewing, as well as a talk about composting. I might even make lemonade!



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