No-poo! That is, shampoo-free

30 Mar

I haven’t used shampoo or conditioner for over a week now.
No it’s actually not greasy or tangly or gross.

What is gross is the ingredients in my TreSemme shampoo:

BUTYLPHENYL METHLYPROPRIONAL : Endocrine disruption, Allergies/immunotoxicity, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), Persistence and bioaccumulation, Use restrictions

“Endocrine disruption”? I just wanted clean hair! What does that mean anyway?
Basically, it messes with your hormones, which control how your body reacts to everything in the environment. Sounds important. Wikipedia has a much more through explanation if you’d like the science behind this.

LIMONENE : Developmental/reproductive toxicity, Ecotoxicology, Allergies/immunotoxicity, Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs), Use restrictions

There’s a lot of big words in this description, but I think we all know what toxic means, and that we shouldn’t rub toxic materials into our scalp four times a week. Just guessing here.

FRAGRANCE : Ecotoxicology, Allergies/immunotoxicity, Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs), Miscellaneous, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive)

This is just three ingredients. To see the entire list, go to this amazing website. Prepare to be shocked and awed. You can type in all of your beauty products as well, so you can be aware of what you’re putting on your skin (despite advertisers’ focus on nourishing vitamins and minerals).

It’s interesting to note here that many of the ingredients are irritating to skin and eyes. After my first wash with baking soda, I was struck by how my eyes didn’t burn. I hadn’t thought too much about it until it stopped happening. Stupidly, I attributed the itchy burning feeling in my eyes and scalp to the hot water stripping my skin of its natural oils. How obvious in retrospect that it was from the chemical concoction I was using, not the water. Doh!

Now go to this cosmetics database and try typing in one of your products. They also have a list of non-toxic products so you can make a positive change!

Just curious, have any of you noticed an itchy burning sensation after you shower that you just didn’t think twice about?


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