Clean-out-the-fridge soup

28 Mar

It’s harvest day! Which means around noon my fridge will be packed with bags of lettuce. It’s a beautiful thing to see the fruits of our labor overflowing. Thanks for all the encouragement after Tuesday’s post. Many advised to focus on what we have accomplished.

On harvest day, there’s no room for our food in the fridge! Luckily we have an extra small fridge where we can put everything. I’ve decided to make clean-out-the-fridge soup. All the bits of vegetables waiting to go into a dish are chopped and thrown into a big pot on the stove. Carrots, zucchini, cucumber, scrambled eggs, parsley, beet greens, radishes, onions, and onion greens.


Then I add water and simmer. I’m really excited about this opportunity to use everything up–to not let anything go to waste. It fits right in with all my other attempts at being frugal: making our own bread and tortillas, using cloth diapers, recycling gray water, making cheese, and even going no-poo (see below). A lot of these efforts are also aimed at being more sustainable and less damaging to the environment. They go hand in hand.


Being frugal is important to me because the less we spend, the less we need to earn, and the more time we have to play with our kids and invest back into our homestead. And the more time we invest into our homestead, the more potential we have to create side-businesses, thereby earning more money. It’s not all about money though. By investing ourselves into our home we can create our own little piece of heaven: beauty, comfort, peace.

Unless you spend a lot of time on Pinterest, you probably don’t know what no-poo means. I’ve been shampoo-free one week; so far I love it. I’m using baking soda to wash (1 TB to a cup of water) and whey and kombucha to rinse (combined, a quarter-cup to a cup of water). It sounds gross, I know, but my sister and my sister-in-law are doing it and it seems to be working.

Stay tuned on Saturday for more about the no-poo lifestyle!


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